About us

After 15 years each working in the hospitality industry in many fields such as revenue optimization, project management, Business intelligence, data analytics and many more… We have decided to design a profit optimization solutions we could not find anywhere else...
We spent too much time trying to setup, install and understand the systems we found, where we wanted to spend this time on building a strategy!

Our Idea was to create a smart mix of Data Analitycs, Strategic decision making and communication tool using Artificial Intelligence, Algorithms and the power of Big Data with one focus: Supporting hoteliers in their strategy!

Yannick & Bastien
The only way to do great work is to love what you do"
Steve Jobs


BY Solutions' teams develop a range of affordable and ergonomic online solutions that supports the hoteliers to make strategic decisions, optimize profits and revenues.....an Take control of their startegy!

Our goal is to offer, flexible, hotel specific applications, designed by our clients and expert which can be implemented and ready to use in a matter of days. Most modules are seperatly available but easy to integrate with other tools, system or applications you're currently have.

We believe that choosing the right technology will not only increase your bottom-line but also serves internal alligment, SOP's and strategies. Contact us if you're interested in any of our products or even better… if it's not on the list...


Our values

Innovate to support and excel

We like to always improve users experiences and performances of our solutions using innovative thinking to reach excellence! The User's brain is our best asset to perform, let's help it!

Accessible for all

We both want to be accessible and useful by and for all users, experienced or beginners and by and for all hotels, small or big, independent or branded, luxury or economy.

People centric

We are not taking any decision, you are! We listen to our teams, our clients and our partners who are the real decision makers!

Passion and Pleasure

We are passionate about what we do and have great pleasure doing it!"


Our team

- Innovate and deliver solutions to optimize your revenue and profit.
- Will always go the extra mile that turns good into great or awsome!
- Is made of experienced , specialised and passoniated hospitality & technology professionals

Bastien Briole
"If you always do what you always did,
you will always get what you always got."
Bastien Briole
Co-founder & CEO
Over 12 years in Hospitality and Tourism industries including 9 years of Project Management, Revenue Management and Distribution with Thon Hotels, Carlson Rezidor and independents.
"If it’s Logical
it’s Possible"
Yannick Cuvelie
Co-founder & CTO
Over 10 years in Hospitality and Tourism industriy covering Business Intelligence, Revenue Management, Distribution at Carlson Rezidor and independent.
Yannick Cuvelie