International chain – ETL full stack development

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Hotel technology is a fantastic ecosystem where many great vendors are supporting hotelier’s operations, strategies, and processes. Nevertheless, when it comes to collect, transform, and harmonize data from these different data sources spread over thousands of hotels, not so many players are capable of addressing the challenge. Even less in succeeding…

In order to obtain a complete view of the business at both aggregated and granular levels, hotel chains must extract and maintain a very large amount of data. For its client, Profit Intelligence developed and setup a dedicated ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) software to address this challenge. This ETL full stack development, a SDS (Smart Data System), answers to the main matters of:

Performance, Consistency, and agility

Noone likes to wait hundreds of seconds for a report to be generated. As well, no one would tolerate any kind of data loss or incident …To ensure a maximum of performance, Profit Intelligence is going beyond the traditional relational database management system (RDBMS) and uses clickhouse ® for its main database management.

Data coordination and extraction

“We fit any system”. That’s the Profit Intelligence’s motto. Our smart data technology fits any data type and integration method to ensure the collection of all the data our clients need.


Market codes, source of business, meeting rooms, rate codes….. depending on hotels and/or system all these dimensions can have their own codes and meaning. SDS systems offers the possibility to group, maintain and deploy groupings in few clicks.


Once the data is collected and aggregated, it is ready to be used in the different reporting platform of the client’s organisation. On a daily basis, hundreds of users are benefiting from standardized and updated data to take the best strategical or operational decisions.

At profit Intelligence, we believe in technology to support humans. We place people running hotels at the centre of our decisions. That’s why our tools are designed by hoteliers for hoteliers.