International chain – Strategical dashboards design

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Getting the data is the first step in the world of Business Intelligence. But showing the data in a timely, meaningful, and easy to use manner is actually the biggest challenge: here is the purpose of strategical dashboards. It is like in cooking: you can get the best ingredients, but if you don’t know the recipe, the meal can be a disaster…

With more than 30 years of experience in hotels business intelligence, Profit Intelligence team has been supporting an international chain into the development and release of strategical dashboards. We acted as an “interface” between the clients’ tech/dev team and the business stakeholders.

Nowadays, on a daily basis, hundreds of users of 1000+ hotels are benefiting from the best strategical dashboards and operational dashboards: Revenue management, Meeting & Events, hotel productivity, sales production, market intelligence…etc

Last but not least, Profit Intelligence was the main actor on the mobile application release of these dashboards (Apple™ or Android™ ). All the necessary decisions metrics, are now available  at any time in user’s pocket!

At profit Intelligence, we believe in technology to support humans. We place people running hotels at the centre of our decisions. That’s why our tools are designed by hoteliers for hoteliers.