An insightful Net RevPAR dashboard – Franchise International chain

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For its 1200+ franchisees, our client wanted to provide an insightful Net RevPAR dashboard. In order to deliver the best customizable and user-friendly solution in a timely manner, this international chain opted for the Data Analytics module.

Data Analytics module offers a full range of features for data display. Thanks to its full customization capability, the client and Profit Intelligence could design the most relevant dashboard for the given net rate exploration purpose. Whatever, users would like to dig into the net RevPAR, net ADR, Net revenues…. over a single or group of hotels, this PI module can answer to the question(s).

Furthermore, we are proud to mention that our application passed with success all the security tests performed by the client’s IT experts. Data security is a critical aspect of Business Intelligence application. Profit intelligence protects your data with the best in class and up to date solutions.

To go further into the user experience, Profit Intelligence Data Analytics module has been embedded into the client partners extranet. Franchisee hotels can access their reporting from the central client’s platform and remain on a familiar environment while exploring their Net RevPAR measures.

At Profit Intelligence, we believe in technology to support humans. We place people running hotels at the centre of our decisions. That’s why our tools are designed by hoteliers for hoteliers.