“90% of the data in the world today has been created in the last two years alone.
Data is your part of your capital
Data is capital”


At BY Solutions we have great experience supporting hotels and hotel chains widely on implementing their Business intelligence project.

We can help you on defining the scope, creating the right strategy, support your overall project and support you on the structure of your current or future BI team (BICC ñ Business Intelligence Competence Centre). Depending upon your strategy, budget and scope we can highlight for you the strengh and weaknesses of the different vendors, technologies and processes which may include the Business Intelligence application, data mining process, database and other relating systems such as a master data system, data cleansing tools.

We are specialised on setting up the right data models and required data sets within the hotel industry :

  • Competition Benchmarking
  • OTA Information
  • Weather History and forecast
  • Airline capacity and arrivals
  • Online reputation scores as guest Reviews
  • Guest Satisfaction
  • Rate Shopping
  • Your own website Analytics

BY solutions also offers master data & data cleansing solutions  to clean your PMS profiles and group rate codes, segments and channels in order to get qualitative consolidated reports and perform cross functional analytics. This solution will not only clean your data but also give extra meta data around these profiles :

  • Sales structure and performance
  • Historical and futures bookings, including Meeting & Events
  • Google map locations
  • Account hierarchy

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