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Take Control of your Strategy!

We believe that choosing the right technology will not only increase your bottom-line but also serves internal alligment, SOP’s and strategies.
Our modules are seperatly available so you can build your own tool!


Data analytics

“Optimize your profits, leveraging your data”

“90% of the data in the world today has been created in the last two years alone, Data is your part of your capital, Data is capital!”.
Our Data analytics Module is designed for hotels, to leverage data driving profit, considering the industry data challenges. Benefit from an all in one platform: Data mining, data cube, data analytics and Business Intelligence tool.Start investigating your M&E, Room, Competitors, Reviews, Benchmark, Forecast…data from the big picture to the most detailed level now!

  • Interactive dashboard & charts
  • 100% Customizable
  • Advanced analytics
  • Integrated Platform
  • Share and collaborate securely
  • PDF and Excel downloads

Strategic Studio

“Optimize your total hotel strategy in one place”

Strategic Studio has been designed and developed to address a recurring challenge: How can I have a 360° overview of my strategy and share with my teams?

Many features in this module will help you to collect, consolidate, analyze, collaborate, and activate your strategy including rate optimization, inventory control, competition, forecast, budget etc… Record your changes and insert comments to review, analyze and optimize your strategy, no more strategic information lost or forgotten, no more silos, everyone is involved!

    • All strategic information in one place
    • Integrated visual analytics
    • Advanced and customizable strategy settings
    • Chat feature to collaborate on your strategy
    • Smart design to help you focus on performances
    • Forget about Spreadsheets…

Total Forecast Studio

“Optimize your profits with more forecast accuracy!”

Is the strategy leading the forecast or the forecast leading the strategy? With Total Forecast Studio you can now plan, budget and strategise in easy and efficient way. Save time and focus on what matter the most: set the right forecast for your strategy…or other way around!

  • Manage multiple forecasts and versions
  • Keep your forecast or make it rolling
  • Bulk udpate in few clicks
  • Multiple redistribution algorythms
  • Forecast on the most granular levels
  • Perfomance oriented design

Cost Intel’ Analytics

“Optimize your costs, increase your profits”

On which weeks or day(s) of weeks I have the highest cost per room sold ? On which cost(s) I may take action on to optimize my profit? What are the Net Contribution costs per channel?
Cost Intel’ analytics is designed to help you to clearly understand which strategy should be the most profitable for your hotel !

  • From Gross to Total Net Revenues
  • Smart decision support dashboards
  • Customizable costs: create all types of costs
  • Consolidation across Hotels, Brands, Countries…
  • Analyse by segments, source, ratecodes, accounts, travel agents, members…
  • Create your own KPIs

Group Pricing Studio

“Optimize your group business profits”

Groups, is a highly focussed segment, which can either dilute or increase your profit. Making a pricing decision you need to look at numerous factors that will impact the rate and your profits, but this is a time-consuming exercise… not anymore!
To win this type of business in a very competitive environment, the key is a combination of accepting the right groups at the right price and being the first to come back with a proper offer to your future client.

  • Fully controlled strategy – No black box!
  • “On the fly” Quotation
  • Fully integrated M&E factor
  • Quotation KPIs detailed
  • Flexible options: Taxes, M&E, Market segment…
  • Responsive design

Smart data

“We fit any system!”

Smart data is free for all our clients to allow them to collect data from any system. It allows hotels to customize data dimensions mapping and grouping to always fit their needs.

  • Automatic data import
  • Different data collection method : email, SFTP, API, Manual…
  • Data Mapping and grouping
  • Automatic account profiles merge functions
  • Data Export

Smart connect

“Optimize your profit across your hotels”

Multi-connect your hotels together to review and optimize all hotels strategy information in one place; and then stop wasting time consolidating workbooks…

  • Data consolidation
  • Data mapping and grouping
  • Multicurrency (FX) management
  • Hotels custom grouping
  • User & Permission management
  • “In-App” hotel switch


Visualize, analyse & design your blueprints



Set strategies, take actions & generate profits



Connect, collect & leverage your data

Artificial Intelligence
Big data

Profit Intelligence uses Artificial Intelligence, Unique Algoritms and Big Data to support you analysing your data and making the best strategic decision for your hotel.