Why to choose us:
  • We focus on profit’s performances rather than only revenue’s
  • We don’t think “one size fits all”, we trust about tailor made approach
  • We are an experienced team, of over 20 years experience in Hospitality
  • We use fact base apporach
  • We have built many tools we can easily integrate into yours.

Innovative Profits & Revenues Optimization’s Solutions

PI - Group Pricing

What happens if you are the first one to come back with an offer? What happen if you come back with the right optimized price, keeping full control of your strategy: no “Black box”? Find out how this works…

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PI - Forecast

Everyone agrees that forecasting is the key factor of a good strategy, but nothing really helps you making YOUR forecast. This is changing…

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Our Expertises

We work with all to support with business, strategy, organizational, system project and much more. Take a look at some of our areas of expertise below…

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Who we are

Our Vision

We want to be recognized as a reference by the Hospitality and Travel industries players for providing affordable and ergonomic online solutions that supports them to make strategic decisions and optimize profits.


Our Values:

  • Innovate to support and excel
  • Accessible for all
  • We need you
  • Passion and Pleasure


Profit Intelligence


PI is not only a performing technology to boost your strategy then profit, but is a trully easy to use and fully flexible application.

Strategy Optimization


We like to use a tailor made approach based on your needs and ressources to support your Revenue and Profit Strategy Optimization.

Project Management


“Those who plan do better than those who do not plan even though they rarely stick to their plan” Winston Churchill  – We also trust that strong Project Management is key to project success.

Data Analysis & Visualization


At BY Solutions we have great experience supporting hotels and hotel chains widely on implementing their Business intelligence project.

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